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As always, please reach out to the email if you need clarification or wish to expand on something! In general, the process with me is pretty intuitive and I'm able to run it from this side on the most part, but this section is available for any general questions you may have.

The information below is a shorter version of the full TOS, which helps with much more general questions, while that and other questions are all included in the document.


  • I will always establish the quote on how much your commission will cost with you before we begin.

  • Payment is done primarily in PayPal, with Square as a backup option. As a courtesy I set them due 10 days after they are received.

  • I invoice for payments in full after getting to an approved thumbnail/sketch stage with you. Staying in communication is key so I'm happy to keep you updated on progress and WIPs! I’m not able to progress a commission past the 50% point without full payment.

  • For larger pieces ($300+) I’m open to discuss payment plans and whatnot as long as they work within my terms! Availability on these may depend on how busy things are.

  • High resolution or non-watermarked files are only available after full payment.


  • I charge by how much time I can expect something to take, not by a flat fee. This may involve time studying, building reference, revising, and drafting thumbnails and ideas.

  • Expect pricing to start at $170 or so for a very simple bust, and prices in general to go up depending on how many characters, designs, backgrounds, details and so on it may require. Tarot cards are usually $400+. That said, if you have a specific budget, do communicate it! I’m very flexible and happy to make sure that whatever we do, we work with respect to that while also getting your description done to the best extent of my abilities within the time given!


Common sense applies here for content, but I also have a strong stomach :P All of the below are determined at my discretion.

  • Great: Lots of blood, partial to full nudity, sex, classy eroticism, monsters, nekomimi/other animal features. Fine with me.

  • Not great: Any kind of romance or violence, etc. featuring minors. Fetish art. Gore.


  • Do you have a waitlist? I’m opening commissions on a selective, as-you-go basis at this time, but should have plenty of notice and info on that if you join my mailing list or follow me on social media. Booking info is here.

  • Can I pay more for waitlist priority/get a rush commission done? I recommend asking about timeline priority for a rush commission, as that may cost more and would depend on my current workload, but I’m receptive to setting up rush commissions when I have room.

  • Is there a way that you prefer to have your reference set up? I’m really not worried. Google Drive, Docs, Imgur, Flickr, Carrd, the like. The higher resolution the better, and if there are specific textures or close-up details that are integral to the piece, it very much helps that you provide them.

  • What about revisions? First three minor revisions (colors, minor facial expressions, small objects, ctrl+T size and angling) free. Major revisions on a finished piece will go at detail tier pricing- which is also the pricing for asking for an alternate picture (add glowing eyes, wings on an alternate pic, that kind of thing). I also tend to check in with WIPs very early in the process to give you an opportunity to make larger changes early on without charge.

  • How fast can I expect turnaround to be? Turnaround is going to work on a very case-by-case base, so I’ll probably establish an ETA when we get started. Rest assured though, I send multiple WIPs throughout my progress and keep in touch throughout as much as possible, and will usually reach out every 5-10 days each time unless I say otherwise.

  • Where is it okay to display, post and share your work? Anywhere on two conditions: you credit it clearly back to me and it's not for profit.

  • Is there a way to have you help me make a product that is for profit? Contract work? Yeah, reach out and I’ll be happy to talk to you about it!

  • By default, I reserve the right to put any commissions on my social media as part of an online portfolio.  You can request I do not, of course, or explicitly that I do or do not denote it to your identity. Your request will take precedence over this default if it is extended.

  • Is it okay to modify your work? Photoshop filters to recolor the whole pic, cropping, adding text and all that are cool. Other modification, drawing or painting over isn't. I generally don't like seeing my signature removed, but I get that you may wish to crop for your own purposes, and just request that I'm attributed on the same page as the picture/on your profile if my signature is cropped. And obviously, if you didn’t order it, I’m not comfortable seeing it used for another OC.

  • I reserve the right to deny a commission on any basis.

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