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reid aster | digital illustrator

current services: digital painting commissions for portraits and illustration, light design work and concepts

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Reid is a 28 year old, nonbinary Portland-based digital illustrator. While they're Filipino-American, they were born and raised overseas in Malaysia (and occasionally Thailand) until they moved to the States as an adult to complete their education. They've got smatterings of experience/qualifications in social studies, writing, teaching, journalism and telecommunications, but sources will confirm they've always been a grimy, mossy little art gremlin off to be found slapping colors down somewhere.

When they're not painting, you can catch them in Final Fantasy XIV, playing Dungeons and Dragons, muttering Russian at the Duolingo owl, building playlists, or crafting something. They also enjoy working on personal design and worldbuilding projects for their own fantasy worlds, and shamelessly indulge in all things gothic, mossy, vampy, eldritch, and neon.

In 2021, they completed mentorship under art director and game designer Paul Canavan. For 2022, they enjoyed Jeff Miracola's Illustration Intensive Workshop 2022 under a full scholarship from the Imaginative Realism Foundation.

To date, they've worked a handful of zine publications and illustrated for the ENNIE award-winning Uncaged series. They have also contributed the Emperor card to Publishing Goblin's Alleyman's Tarot Project, which is now the most funded Tarot Kickstarter of all time at $1.4 million in support.


Uncaged Goddesses 2022 - Best Art, Interior

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